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Wusthof Carving Knives

Wusthof is known for superior craftsmanship and for making some of the finest European knives. At Season, we carry both Wusthof carving knives and carving knife sets. The knives in Wusthof’s timeless Classic range are popular among our chefs and cooks in our test kitchen for 3 reasons: the blades are precision-forged from some of the best quality steel on the planet to provide long-lasting sharpness; every knife has a full tang to provide excellent balance; and they come with traditional riveted handles that are elegant and offer a sturdy, secure grip. Made to last a lifetime, the Wusthof carving knives are perfect for carving meat, and provide the cleanest cuts.


Is Wusthof a good brand for carving knives?

Wusthof is considered to be one of the finest kitchen knife makers in the world. They have been making many different types of knives, including carving knives, since 1814, and now combine precision-production technology with traditional artisanship to craft premium blades. Their knives are known for having long-lasting sharpness and excellent balance.

What is special about a carving knife?

Carving knives have blades that are thinner, narrower and longer than chef’s knives. They also end in a sharp, pointed tip. Carving knives are used to cleanly carve or cut through meat. The pointed tip allows them to easily pierce joints and to cut meat close to the bone.

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