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There can be no greater investment for any cook than a good knife. We have selected the very best designs that will make cooking a joy and last a lifetime.

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With a bit of care your knives can last a lifetime

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Our guide to knife sharpening

Best ways to sharpen your knives

Few things make cooking more of a joy than a sharp knife. Here we share the best methods to keep your blades in tip top condition.

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Knife FAQs

How should I store my knives?

Your knives should be stored correctly to prevent damage to you and the knives. A universal knife block will keep your knives to hand without any drilling. Magnetic knife strips to mount on the wall keep your knives handy but off of the worktop. Drawer knife storage solutions keep your knives out of sight completely.

Are knives dishwasher safe?

All good knives should be hand washed rather than put in the dishwasher. The dishwasher will fire detergents at your knife that will blunt and sometimes damage the knives. All it takes is a rinse under the tap and a dry with a tea towel – a few seconds for a lifetime of better cooking experiences!

Should I buy Japanese or European knives?

This is a matter of personal taste. Generally speaking, Japanese knives are lighter and sharpened to a finer point. European knives are usually weightier, and technically speaking sharpened to more of a wedge-shaped point. (Although good ones are still extremely sharp) When comparing the two in our stores, some people pick up a Japanese knife and say ‘That’s great, it’s so light!’, other will pick up a European knife and say ‘Oh, it’s much more solid – much better’.

How do I keep my knives sharp?

Some knife sets come with a honing steel to help keep the knives sharp. In any case, do make sure you invest a little in a suitable sharpener – many people think they’ll buy later, forget, and spend years cooking with blunt knives. Here you can find our guide to the best ways to sharpen knives. If all else fails, all of our stores have a knife sharpening service to reset your knives completely.

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