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Steak Knives

Steak knives are table knives used to cut thick meats. Their blades are between 10 to 15 centimetres long, and may be serrated or straight-edged. Serrated steak knives provide a better grip to cut thicker meat with ease, while straight-edged steak knives offer a clean cut that does not tear the meat to ensure each slice remains tender and juicy. At Season, we carry steak knives and steak knife sets that are refined yet hardy, designed to last a lifetime. 


What knife do you use for steak?

Steak knives are, as the name suggests, specifically designed for cutting steak and so are the best tool for the job. They may have either a serrated or a straight-edged sharp blade – both of which are designed to easily cut through thick meat. 

Are serrated steak knives better than straight-edged steak knives?

This may be a matter of personal preference. Serrated steak knives provide better grip to make it easy for you to cut thicker meats. However, many meat enthusiasts would argue that straight-edged steak knives are the better bet as they provide clean cuts – thereby ensuring each slice of meat does not lose its flavourful juices. 

What is the difference between steak knives and dinner knives?

Dinner knives are a staple of cutlery for eating food. They may be used to spread or move food, as well as to cut softer foods such as vegetables or fish. By contrast, steak knives are used to cut meat. If you order a steak at a restaurant, it’s quite likely your dinner knife will be replaced by a steak knife.

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