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Nakiri Knives

Nakiri knives are specialist Japanese knives that are used during meal prep to slice, chop or dice vegetables and fruits. They tend to have long, broad, rectangular blades with straight cutting edges that provide clean and even cuts. Our range of Nakiri knives includes those with a damask design on the blade, as well those with divots or hollow edges on the blade to reduce friction and allow for faster, more fluid chopping. With these knives, you’ll have all the stability and precision you need to expertly cut even the most delicate of veget


What are Nakiri knives used for?

Nakiri knives are specifically designed to cut vegetables. A Nakiri vegetable knife should be used in an up and down slicing motion, or a forward and backward slicing motion, rather than with a rocking action. These types of knife allow you to handle delicate vegetables well without squashing them during preparation.

Is a Nakiri knife a cleaver?

Though they look similar, Nakiri knives are designed to swiftly cut vegetables, while cleavers are designed to easily split bones and cut through hard rinds. The former is longer and lighter, while the latter has a thicker blade.

What is the difference between a Santoku and a Nakiri knife?

Santoku knives are great all-purpose knives. They can be used for chopping, dicing and mincing fruits, vegetables and meats. Nakiri knives are specialist knives designed to cut vegetables. These knives differ in look and shape as well. Santoku knives are more conventional looking, tapering into a point, while Nakiri knives resemble cleavers with long, broad, rectangular blades that allow for rapid cutting. 

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