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Bread Knives

A good bread knife will last you a lifetime and there’s something very satisfying about effortlessly gliding through a good loaf of bread. Browse our collection and find the best option for you, whether you're looking for full-tang knives or double-serrated edge bread knives.

A little tip: we love slicing tomatoes with a bread knife. May sound odd, but give it a go – once you get used to it, it works beautifully – perfect tomato slices with one long, delicate stroke!


What makes a good bread knife?

A good bread knife will use high quality steel, as the better the steel, the longer it’ll stay sharper. This is key with a bread knife, that a serrated edge isn’t as straightforward to sharpen as a conventional blade. The better bread knives will also have a full tang (the blade will extend to the base of the handle). This will not only increase strength, but adds balance, giving you perfect control when slicing your precious loaf! Apart from that, a comfortable handle always makes the job more pleasant.

How do I sharpen my bread knife?

Use a honing steel, and pass it through each serration a few times. You should do this on the side of the blade where the indents are angled (the other is usually flat). You should feel a little friction (fine edges of metal, called the burr) after a few passes. After passing through each serration, repeat on the other side. Your bread knife should now be sharp.

What bread knife is best

Choose carefully, and you get what you pay for with bread knives. We only sell knives that offer a clear benefit over the less expensive ones we sell. This invariably means a sharper, more durable and more comfortable to use bread knife the better they get. Our chefs and cooks have been using and refining our range for over a decade – it’s a small but very carefully chosen range. If you have a brand of chef’s knife you are happy with, checking out the same range of bread knives is a great place to start. If you’re thinking of upgrading the rest of your knives too at some stage, don’t skimp on the bread knife – it will set the standard for things to come!

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