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Grill and Griddle Pans

The never-ending list of things to cook on a griddle rarely fails to get our team excited, and our cooks and chefs often talk of what they last got up to with one. Corn on the cob (blackened, seasoned well and cut from the cob into a salad - magic), asparagus, tuna steaks are usually in there, but top marks for 'something a little different' goes to one of our pastry chefs for pineapple marinated in minced chilli and lime, finished with a little rum. When choosing our Grill and Griddle Pans, durability is high on our list of priorities. If you want to blast your pan with heat, cast iron cannot be beaten. If ease of washing up is a priority, non-stick perhaps. We only go for good ceramic non-stick - Teflon is to be avoided at higher temperatures.


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