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Boning Knives

Browse our collection of boning knives. With sharp points and narrow blades, they’re perfect for removing bones from meat. Some of our high-quality boning knives come with flexible blades that bend and work around bones to provide a close cut. And if you’re interested in a dual-purpose boning and filleting knife, consider picking up the Wusthoff Classic Curved boning knife, which is capable of removing bones and neatly skinning fish, meat and poultry. 


Why is it called a boning knife?

Because, as the name suggests, it is specifically designed to remove bones from meat. This is why a boning knife tends to have a sharp point and a sharp, narrow blade. The former for piercing meat, the latter for cutting through ligaments and tissue to cleanly and closely cut as much meat from the bones. 

Is a fillet knife the same as a boning knife?

Both knives may be used to remove bones from meat or fish. However, filleting knives are better suited to filleting fish than boning knives. This is because filleting knives have thinner and more flexible blades that end in a prominently curved point – making them ideal for removing scales, skinning and filleting a fish without damaging the delicate flesh.

What is the difference between a boning knife and a carving knife?

Functionally, boning knives are used to remove bones from meat or fish while carving knives are used to, as their name suggests, carve or slice meats. Because of this, boning knives have narrower and sharper blades that may have a degree of flexibility, while carving knives are broader, longer and can serve as all-purpose knives as well. 

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