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Milk Frothers

Milk frothers have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Frothers help create that luxurious, velvety milk consistency – usually only found in coffee shops – from the comfort of your home, and can also be used for hot chocolate, chai latte and milkshakes.

Perfectly frothed milk should have a formed consistency, with barely visible micro-bubbles. We stock a wide range of milk frothers, including hand-held, jug, battery powered or mains operated. Whatever your go-to beverage, a milk frother can be used to create one to rival the professionals.


How to use a milk frother

Operating a milk frother depends significantly on the type of device along with your choice of drink. However, all of the models we have selected are relatively simple to use. For the best results, you should follow your frothers specific instructions, as speed settings will vary.

The type of milk is essential when it comes to frothing. 1%, 2%, or whole milk create the best consistency. If you use non-dairy milk, 'barista style' makes the best results.

Hot milk does take a little more work to thicken than cold milk, as it needs to be between 60-68°C for the best results. Cold milk should thicken quickly straight from the fridge.

Can I make hot chocolate in a milk frother?

Milk frothers make deliciously indulgent hot chocolates. They create a thick, creamy consistency that complements the rich taste perfectly. Once you try a milk-frothed hot chocolate, it’s unlikely you’ll go back to how you were making hot chocolates before.

 How to make a latte with a milk frother

Lattes are the perfect coffee to be made with a milk frother. There are many techniques for creating a frothed latte, but the ingredients remain the same: just a freshly brewed espresso shot (or two) and milk. 

A fool-proof method for a freshly-frothed latte, using a wand, consists of the following: 

1. Add your freshly brewed espresso to your mug of choice 

2. Pour your warm milk into your milk jug. Aim for the same volume of milk to fit your mug. 

3. Tilt your jug slightly, and aim your wand into the milk at a diagonal angle. You will want the wand to sit just under the surface of the milk, with the bar touching the rim of the jug to hold its place. 

4. After approximately 15 seconds, you should start to see the milk thicken into a creamy consistency with uniform and barely visible bubbles.

5. When the milk reaches 65°C, gently tap the jug to release any larger trapped bubbles and pour over the espresso.

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