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Enjoy fatigue-free food preparation with our cleavers and cleaver sets. Our cleaver knives are sturdy with broad blades that make short work of splitting bones, chopping meat and vegetables, or cutting through hard-skinned fruit like coconuts. The broad blades are also ideal for crushing food like garlic. Our range includes cleaver sets like the Wusthoff Silverpoint Chinese cleaver set that comes with a pull-through sharpener.


What is a cleaver knife used for?

Cleaver knives are ideal for food preparation. They can be used to split bones, tenderise meats, chop, slice and dice meats and vegetables, or to crush foods like garlic.

Why is it called a cleaver?

To cleave something is to split it or cut through it, and this is precisely what cleaver knives do. Because of their broad blades and hefty weight, they are perfect for splitting bones and cutting and tenderising meat. That being said, they may also be used to split hard-skinned fruits like coconuts, or to slice and dice meat, fruit and vegetables.

Why do cleavers have holes?

Not every cleaver knife has a hole in its blade. But for those that do, the hole serves two functions: the first, to allow you to safely hang or store your cleaver knife since it may be too large for a knife block and you may not want it sliding about in your kitchen drawer; the second, to allow you to pull the knife free if it gets stuck in-between bone.

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