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Peeling Knives

Peeling knives are also called bird’s beak knives, and this is because they tend to have short, sharp, curved blades that resemble a bird’s beak. This distinctive shape makes them perfect for peeling the skin of fruit and vegetables without cutting too deeply into the flesh. They can also be used to clean and shape fruits and vegetables with a rounded surface. Our range of chef-tested peeling knives are made from high-quality materials, provide excellent balance and control, and are designed to last you a lifetime.


What is a peeling knife used for?

Peeling knives are primarily used to peel the skin of fruit and vegetables, though they can also clean and shape fruit and vegetables with a rounded surface. 

Is a peeling knife a paring knife?

No. A peeling knife is not the same as a paring knife, though the two are often mistakenly referred to as being the same. The former is used to peel, clean and shape fruits and vegetables, while the latter is a compact all-purpose knife that can be used for everyday intricate kitchen work such as cutting, deseeding and deveining. 

How do you hold a peeling knife?

No matter what knife you use, you want to be in control so that the knife doesn’t slip out of your grip. With a peeling knife, hold the knife close to the blade, and make sure you wrap your fingers around the handle. Hold the knife at a slight angle against the fruit or vegetable you are peeling, with the blade facing you, and slowly slice under the skin and follow the shape of the fruit or vegetable to peel away a section of the skin. Avoid fast, jerky movements. 

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