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Paella Pans

If you love hosting, cooking and vibrant food then a paella pan will be a welcome addition to your cookware selection. We have carefully picked our favourite paella pans so you get the best taste and user experience possible. 

Our pans range from 30-40 cm in size and all feature the traditional design of a flat base, shallow sides and two handles. The flat base is an important component of a paella pan as it helps the stock to evaporate and create the crisp 'socarrat' base. They are all suitable for hob and oven use, and have non-stick bases for quick and easy cleaning.


What else can I cook in a paella pan?

Paella pans are amazingly versatile. Their large, flat surface makes them perfect for searing steaks and other meats, stir-frying, cooking pancakes, risotto and so much more. Adding a paella pan to your collection gives you so many options when it comes to cooking, particularly when hosting larger numbers. 

 Do I need a paella pan to make paella?

If you're not sure whether investing in a paella pan is right for you, then you can rustle up a paella well in another flat-surfaced pan. Paella pans, however, do help enhance the delicious flavours and textures - after all, the design has been perfected specifically for this dish. 

Can paella pans be used in the oven?

Paella is commonly cooked in the oven (after starting on the hob), therefore most paella pans are oven safe, including their handles. Our range is all made with premium materials that are oven-proof. Depending on the size of your paella pan and oven, you may not be able to fit the whole dish inside, in which case cooking on the hob would be advised. Most ovens should accommodate paella pans up to 40 cm.

If cooking paella in the oven, it's important to ensure the rice layer is no thicker than ½” thick for the most traditional, Valencian taste. 

What size paella pan do I need? 

The size of your pan will depend on how many people you intend on serving. A 30 cm pan will typically serve 3 main-course portions, whilst a 40 cm pan will comfortably serve around 6-7 people. Of course, you can add more rice to increase the portions, however, be aware that you may find the end result differs in taste and texture slightly. 

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