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Our water jugs include filtered and vacuumed, designed for keeping in your fridge for daily use. Our versatile kitchen jugs can be used to serve a variety of liquids such as gravies, creams or sauces. They can also be used as drinks pitchers when hosting guests.

We offer an array of jug capacities, from as small as 1-pint to much larger 2.5-litres. Whether you're looking for practicality or style, we have the perfect selection to choose from, with the premium quality you deserve.


How often should I replace my water filter jug?

Most high-quality water jugs should last years before they need replacing. Generally speaking, they should last until they become damaged, or you just want to upgrade to a newer filter system or design. 

On the other hand, water filters or cartridges will need replacing at least every six months to ensure the water is being filtered thoroughly. The tap water quality will also affect how often the filter needs changing. Hard-water areas will need more regular replacement as the filter has to work harder to clean the water. 

The Brita Elemaris XL water jug intelligently measures your water hardness, volume usage and time to prompt cartridge replacement.

Do water filter jugs remove limescale?

Filtered water jugs don’t physically remove limescale. They remove chlorine and other organic impurities and absorb metals from the water, which contribute to limescale build-up. 

Hard-water areas are notorious for limescale build-up, so filtered water jugs are ideal for households with this problem.

What is the best material for a kitchen jug?

When choosing your kitchen jug, the material should be one of the first considerations. Depending on the use of the jug, you may want to focus on practicality – for example, a plastic or steel jug may be the better option for outdoor use. A more sturdy ceramic design would be ideal for hosting, display or indoor use. Stoneware is microwave-friendly and an excellent choice for cooking or serving hot liquids – they also have a more traditional style than other materials. 

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