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Pudding Basins

The pudding basin is a kitchen essential that often gets overlooked. It’s the perfect multi-use tool for baking lovers, as well as making puddings, they are ideal for weighing and mixing the ingredients for batters, doughs, puddings and more. 

We've carefully selected the very best pudding bowls based on ease of use, comfort, size and shape. Our hand-picked selection ranges from premium Mason Cash stoneware offering optimum heat retention to lightweight and durable plastic with a sealable lid perfect for steaming, as well as travel or storing ingredients and leftovers. We offer a range of sizes, from smaller 11 cm (0.3 litre) bowls to larger 20 cm (1.25 litre) bowls. 


What is the best material for a pudding basin?

As with most cookware, the best material for a pudding basin all depends on how it's going to be used. Our favourites for making pudding are made from traditional stoneware. They usually come with a lipped rim to secure muslin (secured with twine) during heating.

Our KitchenCraft plastic pudding bowls are also suitable for warming ingredients, such as steaming or in the microwave, however, they may just lose heat more quickly. Plastic is a great choice if you want to transport your pudding as they come with lids and are feather-light in weight.

What size pudding basin do I need?

A 2 pint (1-litre) basin is generally regarded as the 'standard' size pudding basin and will serve around 10-8 people. Smaller bowls are great for weighing ingredients or serving smaller desserts, whilst larger basins are handy for mixing ingredients.

How should I line my pudding basin?

When steaming a pudding, you can line the basin by greasing it with butter and then place a disc of greaseproof paper at the base. You will then need to cover the pudding ready for steaming. This is an important step that shouldn't be skipped. The following steps take you through the covering process:

Cut a square of cooking foil, bigger than the diameter of your bowl

Cut a slightly smaller square of greaseproof paper

Layer the greaseproof paper inside the foil 

Make a 3 cm pleat in the centre of the foil to allow the pudding to breathe  

Tie the foil tightly in place with a piece of string 

By lining and wrapping your pudding correctly, you'll be guaranteed a succulent, rich dessert to enjoy.

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