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We stock a selection of premium teapots, combining style, practicality and tradition to bring extra pleasure to every cup of tea.

If you're looking for a modern twist on a classic teapot, our glass La Cafetière teapot and stainless steel infuser is beautifully designed and made for infusing loose leaf tea. For traditionalists, we offer timeless cast iron or pottery designs which never go out of fashion. For a contemporary classic, the Stump teapots are beautiful, and seen in many a trendy cafe. We supply smaller capacities of 600ml, up to 1.5-litres – perfect for hosting afternoon tea.  


Can I put a Le Creuset teapot on the stove?

Le Creuset ceramic stoneware is suitable for use in the oven, microwave and even under the grill. However, it should not be placed directly on top of a direct or open heat source, such as a hob or stove.

How to clean a teapot

You've found the perfect teapot – but how do you prevent it from forming tea stains? There are a few simple ways to quickly clean your teapot after use, remove any existing staining and prevent new ones from forming. 

Fresh lemon juice or white wine vinegar are effective, natural methods that will keep your teapot looking as good as new. Simply dampen your cloth with either ingredient and wipe the inside walls of the teapot. For tougher stains, baking powder is also effective – leave for 5 minutes and then rinse. 

To keep odours at bay, half-fill the teapot with freshly boiled water and a few slices of lemon. No harsh chemicals required.

How to make tea using a teapot

Whether you are using loose tea or tea bags, there's nothing quite like a cup of tea served straight from the pot. Just follow these simple steps, and you'll have the perfect in less than ten minutes:

-Pre-warm if you want your tea to be hotter (we always do this if we’re adding milk!), by pouring a little boiled water in, sloshing it around, then emptying.. 

-Fill the teapot with freshly boiled water.

- Add your loose tea leaves to the water or tea bags (1 teaspoon of fresh leaves to 1 cup of water).

- Leave to brew for at least 5 minutes. This allows enough time for the flavours to release. 

- Pour into your teacup (remember your tea strainer if you're using loose tea and a teapot without an integral filter).

- Add milk and sugar to taste.

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