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Knife Block Sets

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Knife Block Sets

If you don’t already have good quality knives you’re looking to add to, and want a variety of knives, a knife block set usually saves you money in the long run, and will generally contain all the essential knives for the vast majority of kitchen tasks. Knife block sets typically contain between five and seven knives, but we also stock comprehensive knife block sets that feature eight, nine, twelve and fourteen pieces of equipment including a variety of knives and kitchen scissors. You can find out more about the types of knives each block contains on each product page.  

Our knife block sets all come with a  block that matches the knives aesthetically and is built to fit them perfectly. This is usually a neater solution than building a collection and purchasing a separate universal knife block.

Buying your knives in a block will also mean that the knives are always to hand, and will be stored in a safe way that will not damage the blades. (Rummaging around in a drawer with sharp blades in isn’t ideal.)

Many knife block sets come with a honing steel to help keep the knives sharp, some with integrated sharpeners. Do make sure you’re familiar with how to keep your knives sharp if you want to maintain that just out of the box Wow! 

It’s also worth investing in a high quality chopping board. A well-made chopping board will allow your knife to sink in slightly so that the fine edge of the blade doesn’t become prematurely blunt. 

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