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Our favourite gifts for tea and coffee lovers

Our team takes coffee seriously (we'll happily grind coffee perfectly suited to your needs - the most fragrant part of the job) and has come up with our favourite gifts for fellow bean lovers. Let us also not forget the Earl Grey enthusiasts and Darjeeling darlings.


Rose & Tulipani Espresso Cup and Saucer

Designed to bring a burst of subtle colour to the table, the Concerto collection is inspired by rustic Mediterranean styling traditions and having been designed in Italy, the range delivers a touch of Italian charm to the dining room.

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Aerolatte To-Go Frother

With a handy storage tube for throwing in the bag on holiday/on the go, the Aerolatte Frother also livens up hot chocolate if the lucky recipient is partial. Pair up with some Monmouth Coffee or our amazing hot chocolate for a gift that will instantly get the taste buds going.

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Le Creuset Espresso Mug

These solid little espresso mugs are the perfect gift for every coffee lover - the stoneware keeps the espresso hot for longer and the unique design stops any runaway drips reaching the tablecloth.

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From £12.99

Pantone Espresso Cup

If you're looking for something with a bit of colour for your espresso drinker, these cups manage to brighten things up yet maintain an understated feel.

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£26.99 - £54.99

Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

The best-selling Bialetti, this distinctive eight-sided aluminium coffee pot has become a design icon. Probably something to do with the fact that the first Moka came along 90 years ago and it hasn't changed much since. Why would it? It works and will for many years.

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Aeropress Coffee Maker

Taste tested by our staff, loved by our customers, declared really very good indeed by all. One to surprise the discerning coffee drinker who almost has it all.

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Falcon Enamelware Teapot

If your lover of tea also happens to be a lover of classic design, they'll love you forever should you bestow them with a Falcon Enamelware Teapot. Available in a palette of gorgeous colours, with the opportunity of mixing & matching a little bundle from the Falcon enamel range.

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Wacaco Exagram Portable Coffee Scale

Compact and precise, the Wacaco Exagram coffee scale is the perfect addition to any coffee lover setup. Its accurate weight measurement helps to dial-in espresso with convenience and ensure repeatability of perfect extraction shot after shot.

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Melitta Molino Electric Coffee Grinder

Perfectly ground coffee beans for every taste - whether you desire finely ground coffee for a strong, aromatic espresso or slightly coarse beans for a filter coffee.

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Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine with Case

Amazing quality coffee to rival that of a professional coffee machine, perfect for throwing into the bag when travelling, it's guaranteed to make the lucky recepient think of you fondly every time they use it.

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From £10

Season Gift Card

Let the lucky recipient browse online or in one of our London stores, knowing they'll be choosing from our tried and tested range and will be well looked after.

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