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Gifts for cooks

Our gifts for cooks recommendations are low on slogans and gimmicks, high on 'They'll love it and use it repeatedly, and think you fondly when they do so' factor


Poach Perfect Egg Poachers

The Poach Perfect Egg Poachers make great gifts – they’re fun and the chances the lucky recipient will actually use them are very high. Pop the Egg Poachers in a shallow pan of water and pop on the lid for perfect poached eggs every time. Tip: rub a little olive oil on the inside first so the eggs slide out easily.

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Large Square Ravioli Cutter

As the lucky recipient will soon discover, this little beauty opens up a world of texture and flavour possibilities

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Pizza Stone Set

The Pizza Stone Set is a gift with almost universal appeal; it will improve shop-bought pizza but also appeals to bakers. Put the stone in the oven, crank the heat up to full for 20 minutes and slide your pizza on for a proper crispy base. Works amazingly well on a barbecue too. Comes with a trivet to save damaging your table/worktop when serving (serve from the stone to keep your pizza hot longer) and pizza cutter.

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From £25.14

Milton Brook Pestle and Mortar

Beautifully made pestle & mortar, made in the UK. Functional, stylish, eco - ticks every box

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From £19.99

Naturally Med Olive Wood Chopping Board

Unique, ethically produced, sustainably sourced and simply beautiful chopping boards, it's hard to see how someone wouldn't fall in love with this gift.

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The Organic Company Oven Mitts

Beautiful and unmistakably luxurious, as the best gifts often are, we use these ourselves and love them

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Cole & Mason Cambridge 16 Herb and Spice Carousel

A gift with wow factor. We looked far and wide for the best spice rack. This is it.

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Imperia Pasta Maker

What better gift for a cook than something that lets their imagination go wild with infinite delicious possibilities? It'll also last them a lifetime.

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Global 2 Piece Knife and Sharpener Set

A classic gift that never loses its wow - the most widely recognised high quality cook's knife in the world, packaged with the perfect sharpener.

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Le Creuset 3Ply 3 Piece Set

Ticks every 'perfect gift' box: versatile enough for continual use, looks gorgeous, built to last a lifetime.

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From £10

Season Gift Card

Let the lucky recipient browse online or in one of our London stores, knowing they'll be choosing from our tried and tested range and will be well looked after.

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