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Cookie Cutters

Baking is the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen – no matter your age. We have a vast range of cookie cutters and accessories for every occasion, from festive-themed cookie cutters to every letter of the alphabet, with shapes and materials suitable for both fun and more serious baking projects.

As well as traditional metal cutters, we also supply plastic, child-friendly variations without sharp edges that neatly store away in a storage container. On the other hand, for more aesthetic additions to your baking equipment collection we have a range of copper-coated cutters in rose gold.

A tip from us to get more from your cutters - soften some ice cream a little, spread smoothly in a brownie tin, firm-up again in the freezer, then cut out ice cream shapes for a decorative dessert!


How to use cookie cutters

A cookie cutter allows you to create a clean shape for your baking project quickly and easily.

Luckily, they couldn't be more simple to use:

1. Lay your greaseproof paper onto an oven-tray 

2. Roll out your dough to roughly 1/4-inch thickness (for the best cutting results, refrigerate for approximately an hour prior)

3. Press your cookie cutter firmly onto the dough to create your shape 

4. Transfer straight onto the greaseproof paper 

5. Repeat

Can I put metal cookie cutters in the oven?

No matter the material, cookie cutters should not be placed in the oven. If it's made of plastic, it will melt, and if it's metal, it will get extremely hot, which could cause injury. After using the cookie cutter, you should transfer the shape onto greaseproof paper, and the cookie should stay in shape. 

Can I put a metal cookie cutter on a pan?

If you're using the cookie cutter for pancakes, you can use a metal variation directly on the pan to create the shape. Be aware that the cutter will get very hot, so handle it with care when removing. It's best to use a thick tea towel or oven glove when handling it. Plastic cookie cutters are not heat-resistant and should not be used on a hot pan. 

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