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Wusthof Bread Knives

Established in 1814, Wusthof is now considered to be an iconic knife brand associated with quality, sophistication and durability. We carry a wide variety of Wusthof bread knives, including those from their highly praised Classic range. These knives are a favourite of our chefs and cooks, and come with blades that are either serrated or double serrated. No matter how hard or soft the crust is, they will only cut, not crush or tear, to provide picture-perfect slices of bread. Wusthof bread knives are ideal for cutting bread of all types, as well as pies and cakes. 


What makes a good bread knife?

This can depend on the type of bread you eat – for example, longer bread knives might be more suitable for cutting large loaves of bread, while a smaller bread knife may offer better control for rolls. Typically a sign of a good quality bread knife, like our Wusthof bread knives, is that it has a serrated edge, and is full tang with both the blade and the handle forged from a single piece of forged steel (this provides better balance and leverage).

How do I sharpen my Wusthof bread knife?

Use a sharpening steel to sharpen your Wusthof bread knives. Try to choose a steel that matches the width of your blade’s serrations, and sharpen only the side with the serrations (typically, this is the right side). Lay the steel between serrations to sharpen tooth by tooth. At times, a burr might form on the other side of the knife where the pointed end of a serration isn’t straight but bends. You can get rid of this burr by running that area of the knife over the steel once. 

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