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Summer's here - time to get creative with salads!

Season Summer Salad
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With a little imagination, the tools in your kitchen bring a lot to the table. We want to create light crunch and texture for sizzling salads; a potato peeler doubles up for getting green and orange ribbons from courgettes and carrots into our salads. With a julienne peeler, take a Romano red pepper and get a different texture from this humble, vibrant salad fruit.


Corn on the cob, charred on a red-hot griddle pan then cut away from the cob is an entirely different animal to the tinned stuff. Roasted squash or sweet potato (we love tossing in harissa first), roasted leeks, avocado – all add substance.

Get more from a pestle and mortar by throwing in a garlic glove, lime or lemon, fresh chilli, parsley or mint, and bash up those ingredients to create a zingy, flavoursome dressing to match your fabulous salad. Or make a spiced or herby salt by taking your favourite choice and mixing it with some course sea salt and pummelling it in the same receptacle to scatter over a fish fillet before pan frying or barbecuing over a hot grill.


Ice Cube TrayFeatured above: Zeal Silicone Ice Cube Tray 

And for a final flourish toast up some seeds, nuts or a herby crumb in a frying pan and scatter over your dish of choice for a crunchy note. Shop local and bag yourself loads of fresh herbs, chop them up, stir through some oil, season and freeze individually in an ice cube tray to be used at any later stage for stirring though a new potato salad or pasta.


Enjoy the sun! After the last year, we all deserve to!

The Season team


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