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Wonderful gifts for wine lovers

As usual, we have given gimmicks a swerve and gone for gifts that genuinely enhance the enjoyment of wine.


Vacu Vin Wine Saver

With all that nice wine floating around at holidays - the lucky recipient of this gift will be able to drink a bottle over a few days without it spoiling

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Le Creuset WA126 Wine Cooler Sleeve

Keep in the freezer, slip it over your wine when the need for a glass of white is urgent - a great gift for use when someone pops round with a bottle.

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Soiree Classic Aerator

Plug the Soiree Classic into your bottle of wine, pour and see how it sucks loads of oxygen into the wine, opening up those flavours with minimum faff. The Soiree Classic is one of those things that has been copied by cheap imports - get them the original and the best, with its neat little stand.

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Root7 Corkcicle Air

A great gift for white wine drinkers - they can leave their bottle of white on the dining table and this will keep it chilled and aerate the wine in one stroke.

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Le Creuset TM200 Corkscrew

This simple but effective wine opener makes for a quality gift without breaking the bank

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Sagaform Wine Carafe

Gets lots of oxygen into the wine, looks great on the table

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Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir Set of 2

Perfect for light-bodied red wines with high acidity and moderate tannin. These glasses highlight the rich fruit-forward characters and tempers the high acidity of the wine. The balloon-shaped bowl captures all the nuances of the wine's aroma.

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Robert Welch Drift Wine Bottle Coaster

The undulating soft curves of the Drift wine coaster design presents a sculptural element to a table setting, whilst the pleasing weighted base offers the practical and functional detail.

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Le Creuset Vitesse

The Le Creuset wine decanting fountain with aeration device provides a rapid and complete aeration system with dramatic table theatre.



LM250 Lever Model with Foil Cutter

A 21st Century redesign of the original Herbert Allen lever corkscrew, that allows you to remove both natural and synthetic corks with ease.

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Let the lucky recipient browse online or in one of our London stores, knowing they'll be choosing from our tried and tested range and will be well looked after.

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